Costescu Neural Model


Neural Model

costescu neural model




The brain is able to emit and receive network type information based on specific protocols, layers, but in a spectrum to be defined and highlighted.




Brain is capable to exchange data in a bidirectional way. The protocols used by the brain, are not yet discovered, at least is not known at this moment.

The characteristics of my Neural Model are that all we need to know about human behavior is stored and continuously updated, as the brain is the operational center of the body.

Brain has the capability to broadcast data, information, about not only the classical medical status of the body, but including his own faults (as neurological diseases).

The model


Bidirectional protocols that the brain uses for sending-receiving data are also used for self-healing.

Self-healing is the ability of the brain to generate a self-healing state that allows the human body to recover. Why this is not happening yet? Why it is happening, but only in some cases? Discovering all data that the brain is emitting will allow us to establish the conditions that will be needed in order to allow the self-healing process to be initiated and to be complete.




Ability of neural cells to regenerate itself, based on specific protocols and algorithms.

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