CSHD is ready – device that recover from coma, stroke, CVA, CVI, neurological diseases and medical rehabilitation

10 Nov


Researches that I made for HDEV project helped me to discover a new method and a new and a unique device CSHD, for recovering the patients that were or are suffering the coma, stroke or other CVA, CVI neural diseases.

The CSHD device is based on the new view of the brain functionality and new techniques that I’ve discovered.

Once the CSHD device is attached to the patient, will monitor the patient specific functions and will be able to reply accordingly.

These interactions between CSHD device and patient will recover neurological basic functions and will create the premises for reconstructions of neuronal pathway.

Considering the Glasgow grade, the CSHD device can be set on different functions in order to apply the most effective program that patient need it.


Almost all my time is focused on HDEV project (see the note). If you are interested to manufacture the CSHD device I will provide all the required specifications and I will allocate the time to finish the project.

Be aware that CSHD is an amazing discovery and we are talking about hundred million dollars. Please contact me only if you have the capability to invest at least half million dollars or if you want to buy the project or full rights of the project including the copyrights.

Medical rehabilitation

The most important after neurological diseases is rehabilitation. This procedure is essential in patient recovery and CSHD it can be used in this essential recovery therapy. Low cost and maximized results.


HDEV – Medical investigation of the future is the main project,  therefore the decision to sell other projects, as CSHD,  is made to contribute to the HDEV finalization.

I did not imagine that making the world to know about revolutionary medical discoveries appears to be harder than the researches itself.

Nov 10, 2015, Constantin Costescu

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