Establish a communication patterns

Unfortunately is not that simple.

The data flow the machine (body) is initiated and relayed need to be put in highlight.

Second, we need to establish a communication pattern (protocol) with machine data flow and based on the protocol to be able to receive the “log” file.

In the other words. Let suppose that we connect our computer to a network. We plug the rj45 socket in the network card and set up the tcp/ip protocol. Forget about the browser. We don’t have it!

Assuming that  the flow we receive is a jpeg we will have to know what is a jpeg and if we assume that the flow is a jpeg we will be able to  write a software to display the foto.

But what if the flow we receive is something else, a movie? Well, treating the flow as a jpeg we will not be able to display the foto neither the movie. Assuming that the flow is movie, knowing the container and codec we will be able to play the flow – movie.

The same with the flow coming from incredible machine which is the human body.

Constantin Costescu

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