Extraterrestrial communications

18 Oct

Note. I named the concept and the process where neural information flow is decoded,  NDiF – neural decoding information flow.

Perhaps, for some of you, the idea that we are alone in the universe is nothing but lies.

In this presumption or reality there are some aspects and questions that every one is eager to get it as clear as it can ever be.

Is there a way to contact the extraterrestrial life form? If yes, how are we going to communicate with it? If we succeed to meet this life form, what will the base for conversation be?

Media revealed clues that we were accidentally, or not, in contact with aliens. Even if it is true, this does not exclude the questions I presented above.

The core of this post is the fact that inside human brain are coded the solutions for extraterrestrial communications. The solution for SETI and CETI. How so?

The hypothesis is the following one: where else the map of our inter universe relatives be if not coded in our brain. The decoding of neural flow will be the proof that we achieved one essential scientific level of evolution. This level will grant us the information we have been looking forward to find for hundreds of years.

Practically, we will find all we need; not only in the multitude of space but also inside of human brain. How many times we found what we were looking for near to us and not elsewhere?

Well, there is more about this however I hope you will understand why I do not reveal details on this page.

I will be happy to reveal specific information to all who is interested: organizations, university, etc.  and kindly ask them to will write on cc @ hdev . info for further information.

Even more,  I will be honored to share my work with all above mentioned, that are willing to get involved in these extraordinary projects.

Oct 18, 2014, Constantin Costescu

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