hdev-recovery cells device

hdev-recovery cells device

hdev-NCR – Neural Cells Recovery


It is well know the fact that neural cells are deteriorating when specific diseases are occurring, CVA (Cerebral Vascular Accident), CVI (Cerebrovascular Insult), BA (Brain Attack), or any other that will ends in poor flow of blood in neural cells. The HDEV-NCR or HDEV-RD (revovery device) is unique not because of his capability to be intelligent and adaptive.

HDEV-RD is easy to be implemented on the specific or common device (phone, tablet) so the recovery of the brain functions to be available for anyone with affordable budget.


Brief description

HDEV-RD is an intelligent device that is able to initiate a specific R-Protocol and evolve with the condition of patient. Once the HDEV-RD it is started, it will identify the patient condition and will start/stop when the patient is/is not able to continue the R-Protocol.

HDEV-RD can also be used on recovering from coma.



The patient can easily interoperate and communicate with HDEV-RD via

R-Protocol. The method of communication is the core of HDEV-RD and unless will be protected by patent it will remain in secret. The capability to learn and accommodate with patients is essential through the recovery protocol.



Ability of neural cells to regenerate itself, based on specific protocols and algorithms.



The HDEV-RD can be used not only for recovering but also for to excel in basic and complex operations in the fields that require specific and complex skills.



Despite his huge capability and functions is not a sophisticated but genius device, easy to be manufactured and to be implemented with low budget.


Constatin Costescu


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