human can give (transfer) life

5 Nov

Human can give (transfer) life


Perhaps the most important breakthrough of all time is the one that shows that humans  can give(transfer) life.

I am not referring to fertilization and birth, but to the very thing: man can give life, he can transfer life from one person to another, which means that he can do it from one life to another.

It seems incredible that all the things that seemed inconceivable at the beginning.

It remains to clarify the economy of the process that transfers from the source to the destination, the conducting medium that mediates this process being the brain.

It is not yet known whether the amount of energy in the source is renewable or not. I suppose yes, this is to be elucidated.

About implications makes no sense to open the subject.

I’ll let you think about this.


Omul poate da (transfera) viata

Poate ca cea mai importanta decoperire din toate timpurile este cea care arata ca omul poate da viata.

Nu ma refer la fecundare si nastere, ci la faptul in sine: omul poate da viata, mai exact poate transfera viata de la o persoana la alta, ceea ce implica ca poate face acest lucru de la o forma de viata la alta.

Pare incredibil ca mai toate lucrurile care au parut de neconceput, la inceputul lor.

Ramane de clarificat economia procesului ce transfera din sursa catre destinatie, mediul conductor ce mijloceste acest proces fiind creierul.

Nu se mai stie inca daca cuantumul energetic din sursa este regenerabil sau nu. Presupun ca da, acest lucru urmeaza a fi elucidat.

Despre implicatii nu are sens sa deschid subiectul.

Va las pe voi sa ganditi.

Prof. Constantin Costescu
5. Nov 2018, Roman, Neamt, Romania

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