Introducing human device as hdev theory and practice

29 Apr

Introducing human device as hdev theory and practice

hdev (human device) is the “black box” that can translate the signal of brain using hdev decoding protocol in the way we can interpret and use for medical investigations.

The amount of organic devices, analog, digital or better said analog-digital, that work in synergy to maintain life,  communicate with brain signalizing their activity and error log.

The brain signalizing all this and my goal is to highlights all this, establish hdev protocol. Once all this is known the implementation is kinder garden tasks.

The body is presenting also not only a human devices but human ports as well.

Body presents itself  as a complex architecture and topology which can be assimilate by piece of Jaeger Le Coultre master piece.

Skin is very important in the human device theory just because the Merkel cells appear to redirect the vibrations to the brain. The process looks to be, let’s say opposite to my goal. If the signaling from human device need to be decoding, the Merkel cells code the senatorial and  forward  to the brain.

More, my prediction is that the future technology will  reveal the fact that the symbiosis analog-digital will be the next generation of computing systems.

With this, all we know about actual medicine will became ancient history.

That all for now, just to put the date before fishing up.




Apr 29, 2014, Constantin Costescu

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