Passivity generates suffering and death

26 Nov

Passivity generates suffering and death

Passivity generates suffering and death

Practice has shown me that people’s action takes place only when bad things happen and not before. My experience has confirmed the same behavioral pattern of action (passivity) of people. They are not interested, do not think in the future, they are disturbed by the vision, they do not want to accept that bad things can happen in their yard.

Thus the interest in medical technologies is very low (passivity), nonexistent as opposed to the wave of activity that occurs when a loved public dies for medical reasons.

Then questions arise, the Internet is booming about comments, posts, the world becomes easy, acting, asking, asking for answers, etc. This just for a few days, then this incarnation disappears in the darkness of the indifference.

At least curiosity is that those who are very affected by the lack of interest (television people, the press, etc.) are generally deaf and mute but suddenly they become sensitive and affected when someone loves them, dies.

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