The amazing machine

4 May


The amazing machine

Our body can easily be compared with a machine which functionality is entirely based on the component and software.

Due to the fact that we have narrow-minded pushed us to other fact that we cannot understand the component and functionality of this machine.

Of course, the research made on the medical science is giving us the tools that we use when something bad happened. I am not contesting I’m suggesting that due to those research perhaps is time to move on the other way to understanding.

Anomaly is a fact of life. Some can be explained; some just remain an unknown variable.

More than that, lot of human refuse to thing of this because the path map is hard to get and the human 99.99999% will do what the habits dictate and not the new concept. Should we call this mind anomaly?

Waking to the same path will provide us results; I have no doubt about it, but will not provide the answer for the above variable.

I received comments asking me to make public more information about this project. Please do understand that for certain reason some info will remain in secret.

About body anomalies you are welcome to read the next post.

May 4, 2013, Constantin Costescu

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