What if

What if the brain can communicate the medical status in a way we never think that’s possible ?

Assuming that the body is an incredible machine the question is: how we can communicate with this incredible piece of technology ?

Would it be possible to receive the messages that machine (body) relay to us ?

Just imagine looking into our  “log”  or our “error messages log”. It will be an easy way to see what is wrong with the machine ?

The project that works on discovery the neural waves is called NSR that comes from Neural System Reply.

NSR is composed from two main parts, the NSR senzor and the NSR core. The senzor will capture the neural waves and will transmit the signals to NSR core that will decode and will show the anatomo-pathologic maps.

As the brain is capable to regulate and maintain the functions of body we can conclude that the neural packets will include all metrics of body functionality.

This is the future of medical imagistics.

Constantin Costescu




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